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you once left me shattered
a disaster
something wanting nothing
but another masterMore


would you still read my text
if smart was required of my sex…More


that’s one hell of a word
the weight of eternity measured in five letters…More

Get Over It.

“I’ll tell you a secret,” he said. “The truth is we never get over anything. The first person to break your heart? Not over it. The last person to break your heart? Nope. The time someone’s cruel words really cut you? Nu-uh. My father leaving when I was 10? No way. Watching your mother die? Never.” More


the poem a perfect lover moving
with you in perfect time
it’s when …says the poet
you’ll know then why
it’s when …says the poet
you’ll be all mineMore

Letters to a Friend: Hope You’re Well

One of my freelance clients is a Trumpist bodybuilder. He spent 30 minutes talking to me about all of his bodybuilding outfits and trophies and pictures and stuff and “would I like to see some sometime?” I said no, thank you, but I charged him $50 for the meeting he dominated with Speedo talk. More


there are days I spend loving
the hours we spent living
our whispers in bedMore


It’s been so long since we’ve felt this alive
That silent, veiled girl,
I’ve set her aside
To open the cage on my pacing rage
to feed that beast that craves to slayMore

Old Man.

and now without the twists of your knife
the tears in my sky have all but dried
my sun has set fire to all your lies
my days are bright and
oh. how. they. shine.More