It was always hard for me to make friends as a kid. I was too quiet and kept my nose buried in books most of the time, and I could never be bothered to take off my headphones. But when I connected with someone, it was like we’d always been friends. Like we’d done this before and instead of testing each other’s waters to make sure we were the same temperature, we just got busy being friends again. Nothing has changed as an adult. I’ve always just left myself open for old friends to come find me. Sometimes I get lucky enough to meet an amazing person like the one this poem is dedicated to. Thanks for reading, my stunning spirit tribe. 💋

she walks with lions
shares her soul

craves your oneness
her warmth endless
her heart sunless

as she mourns
your distance

without having
held you
even once

she is fire
she is grace
she is love in color
without time or place

an eternal friend

who finds you again
and again

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