It took me longer than most to define real love for myself. Give me tasty food then a movie and cuddle in bed and I’m all yours. Introverts are simple that way. But, it took a lot of soul searching plus copays before I got there. Before then, I thought love was all fight and fuck on repeat. When you don’t have good role models to show you what it feels and looks like to be loved in a healthy way, you’re mostly lost in a series of dark spaces until you figure things out for yourself. This piece is dedicated to those of us who are self-taught lovers. Thank you for reading, you somewhat tamed savage seeking refuge in safe spaces.

how should I be loved?
with fire and fight?
extremes with no middle
no end
only the salt of sweat, the heat of tears
the constant rumble of apology

yet I crave its burn

I want to push past your edges
feel the madness it stirs in your starless spaces

then ask you to unleash it

have it come suffocate my pain
under silk
fill my emptiness with fever

and then later:

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