About RG

A jack of many trades trying to master one.

Oh, hey. So, there are far more exciting things in the world than whatever this is supposed to be. Have you read about the Fibonacci Sequence? Do you know the largest known living organism on Earth is a 2,400 year-old tree murdering mushroom?

If you’re still reading, then I guess I owe you a bit of background for tolerating this ridiculous page. About me then: I’ve been writing in my spare time since a bunch of smart people claimed I had a gift and made me promise to do something with it. When I’m not writing, I’m programming in one language or another, bullying people to do yoga, and loving my spouse of 10+ years.

Everything you see on my site is whatever the muse in my head wants to say at any given moment. She loves street poetry, horror, sci-fi, the occasional piece of erotica, and she makes me giggle like no one else.

We both believe who we are today won’t be who we are tomorrow, and all of our pieces reflect that constant conflict, evolution and duality.

Thanks for reading, you amazing human being.