took me longer than most to define real love for myself. Give me tasty food … then a movie and cuddle in bed and I’m all yours. Introverts are simple that way. But, it took a lot of soul searching plus copays before I got there. Before thenMore


my identity your intensity
as it slips
between your lips
a lyric
in rhythm
with your hipsMore


tell me how to find the place
where you love me
like you say you doMore


give me all of you
the beauty, the beast
the scars across your soul
the heat of your anger and defeatMore


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This one is for those who love maneaters. That is, until, you’re all eaten up. Thanks for reading you soulmate seeker singeing your lips on those unworthy of your kiss. More

Old Man.

and now without the twists of your knife
the tears in my sky have all but dried
my sun has set fire to all your lies
my days are bright and
oh. how. they. shine.More

I Miss.

I miss the scene of a crowded room, the laughter of tipsy women
The way the air feels late in the night
Her glittering lip gloss in soft golden lightMore


Am I supposed to be me or you
And why is it you who gets to decide?More